Monday, January 2, 2012


There's no easy way to say this without sounding dumb and probably annoying you a little (or confusing you at best!): I'm moving my blog back to its original site. Here are my three reasons:

1. to inspire myself to start afresh with a goal to make 2012 a year of more regular writing habits,

2. to keep all the writing I've done since the beginning of my blogging in 2008 in one place,

3. to enjoy my wordpress again, which I've missed this year. :) 

To make it easy on you, here's a link back to my original site (as well as the web address for you to see): 

In order to keep everything together, I've transfered my posts from this site over to the other one. Please excuse the bit of sloppy formatting on more recent posts. Cheers! 

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