Monday, June 20, 2011

2% milk makes the world go round

It appears the rain is finally coming after holding off all weekend. It's my favorite kind of gloomy Monday morning. My husband is working from home, the dog is staying out of trouble, the windows are open, and I'm sitting at my dining room table with a delicious creamy cup of coffee, compliments of a little 2% with sugar. The house is clean and I feel delightful.

My family was in town for my cousin's wedding this weekend and we had a fabulous time. My parents got to tour the latest house we're thinking of buying, we had some of the best deep dish pizza in all of Chicago with our cousins, and we all seriously danced the night away at the Trettel-Sullivan wedding. 

Moore girls and our male counterparts
My parents, sister, future bro-in-law, and husband are hands down some of my favorite people to spend time with. There's just nothing like having the whole Moore family together in one place. It's going to be near impossible to wait for my sister's wedding in September.

Our mini vacation came to an end yesterday afternoon and I'm thankful for Monday off to ease back into real Chicago life. The junior Manns have got a lot going on. Jeremy is finishing up the bulk of his teachers' first year, I'm waiting to hear on a major scholarship that will determine how I begin school in September, and we're trying to buy a house as the end of our lease is quickly approaching. It's a bit unreal not knowing what our lives will look like just a couple months from now. It's freaky, but mostly exciting. I take solace in telling myself that we're still young and resilient. 

On the greater Mann family front, I'm practically counting down the days until the big Mann Family Vacation in Door County, Wisconsin. The last time all of us were together was for Jason and Natalie's wedding TWO YEARS ago! Our lives have all drastically changed in some way or another since that time in Stinson Beach, and it's going to be incredible to spend an entire week together. Also Jeremy and I will finally get to meet our little nice, Mercy!

Life is very good, and I am continually amazed at where God has taken us in the past three years. Can't wait to see what's up ahead!

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